Full Groom

Perfect Pooches Grooming offers a professional safe service. Your full grooming experience will consist of:-

A general health check is carried out in preparation for the full groom, this would include any signs of matting, ear hygiene and nail growth. I will also discuss the type of groom you require.

All dogs are dried by professional driers but we under no circumstances cabin or cage dry.

I only have one dog for grooming at any one time

We are also happy to cater for nervous and shy dogs and if you need to stay with your dog this can also be arranged.

– Finally you will receive a collection call 15 minutes before your dog is ready.

– After the grooming procedure has taken place we will take a before and after photo to add onto our website but only if approved by the owners themselves.

– If we could ask for your feedback by writing a small review on our website to show other people what our services included and what you think of them. The more feedback we receive the better we will grow as a business.