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Question: Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes, I only take one dog at a time, unless they are from the same home. You will have your own dedicated appointment.

Question: What are your opening times?

We are open Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm

Question: I work late, can you fit me in out of hours?

I try my best to accommodate you, and will do some evenings and Sundays upon request.

The grooming room is equipped with everything I need to groom your dog. I cater for all size dogs from the smallest to the largest all on a one to one basis so no need for crating.

I know how important your dog is to you and I want them to be comfortable and relaxed so if they have any dislikes or fears I will work round them to make the groom an enjoyable experience for them. I groom on a one to one basis so that your dog will be on their own with me so that we can work to build a bond together.



I have a choice of dryers with different speed settings so that I can find the one that your dog will be happy with and also have happy hoodies to protect their ears should they not like the noise of the dryer. I do not dry dogs in a cage.

I also have different types of clippers so if they are frightened by the noise of my cordless clippers I can use the quieter corded clippers.

I have many types of brushes to suit all types of dog fur.

Our Services

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